Day One Results DS Domination

What were the results at the end of Day One with DS Domination

After one day of DS Domination I am feeling great about the program.  It took me about four hours to go through all of the training and get 2 items listed (however I did get side tracked a few times so this could have been less if I had stayed focused).  There was also some extra time because I was setting up a new account, so if you already have an eBay account it should be a lot quicker.

DS Domination Dropshadow

My eBay account was pretty seasoned so I wanted to see what it would be like through the eyes of someone totally new to the program (so I can tell people no excuses :-))!

The training was very detailed and step by step, I believe it was in the second video that Roger states you should watch each video then do what it says before going to the next video.  This is because otherwise it can be easy to watch the whole series than never implement what you’ve learned.

To some extent I followed the directions, I made sure to take detailed notes and then after a few videos do what I was told.  One thing that really helped was I made commitment that I would not go to bed until I had listed two items so that was good motivation.

It was very easy to find items to sell, at first I couldn’t find anything but I took a break to think for a moment what items people would probably want to buy online and made a list.  It took about two minutes to complete this then I started searching for those products and found one right away.  From there it was pretty easy, he teaches a little trick to use once you find an item that is selling and after that I found hundreds of other items I was interested in selling.

The key is to focus on simplicity, taking action and not over thinking things.  Most people (if not all) that don’t succeed simply get in their own way and over complicate/over think things.  He talks about this in one of the last videos.  Just take action and it will all come together.

My natural tendency is to try and make my listing the best one out there, but when he talked about the over complication issue I just decided to follow the directions and worry about creating the best once I have some success.

The Future with DS Domination

I still consider this day one even though according to the calendar it’s a different day.  Last night I started at 10pm and finished at around 2am, I had a hard time sleeping because I wanted to keep listing items!  I woke up at 7.30 at went back to it because it was so easy.  So far I have 5 items listed and have already had over 14 people see my listing, one watcher and it hasn’t even been 12 hours.  I can definitely see this becoming a full time career.  Not to mention the benefits of the compensation plan.

I’ll keep you posted with updates, but if you are on the fence just make a decision and go for it, the cost to get started is so low and the time investment is so minimal compared to other online systems (believe me I have gone through tons of them).  You can sign up at


Overall Results

Day 1
Unique Items Listed: 5
Total Items Listed: 26 Items Sold: 0
Total Profit: $0

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  1. TJ says:

    Great vid. One tip though. Re-upload your video and cut off the show related videos at the end. I’d hate for someone to jump on someone else’s vid from your site ya know.

    Good work