DS Domination Affiliate Program – What you need to know

 The DS Domination Affiliate Program Can Be Pretty Lucrative For Active Affiliates

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How does the DS Domination Affiliate Program work?

DS Domination Affiliate ProgramIf you are thinking about signing up for DS Domination the burning question on your mind is probably ‘how does the affiliate program work?’ This is a great question and while the training offers a great way to make an income online many people are interested in becoming an affiliate and helping other people get started.

First of all you will need to sign up as a customer of DS Domination, the Pro level which has the lowest cost is $19.95 a month, then you will need to decide if you would like to promote their other products.  They have a rule that you must own the product in order to become an affiliate.  There are 3 other products that train how to become an online dropshipper and then a product called the Market Extreme Pack, this product contains training on how to market the product, lead generation tools, places to get traffic and a way to get leads.

If you are serious about making an income as an affiliate you will want to purchase all of the products so you can make the biggest commissions possible.  However you are only required to purchase the Pro level to get started.

The next think you need to do is activate your affiliate account, this is so that DS Domination can process credit card payments for you and manage your iPayout account.  The charge to become an affiliate is an additional $9.95 a month, if you have every setup credit card processing before you know this is about a quarter of what any other processor charges, plus you have to pay a per transaction charge with most processors.  So the ten bucks is not much.

How Much Do I Get Paid With the Affiliate Program?

They offer an above average commission plan, instead of the usual 25-35% you are paid 50% on anyone you personally refer into the program.  There are no requirements either as far as number of people you have to introduce, meaning that when one person signs up through your link you are paid on that person.  This is why the DS Domination Comp Plan is so popular.

But wait there’s more 🙂

In addition to the 50% anyone that you refer that refers someone else you will make 10% on those people (that would be level two).  From there you will make 5% from everyone on your level three, 3% on your level four and 2% on your level five.

They wanted to sweeten the pot a bit more for affiliates that really work the system, so once you have 14 people in your team (not necessarily that you referred) you will also earn an additional 1% on everyone that is on your levels six through ten.  Having fourteen people shouldn’t be too hard because this program is still pretty new and tons of people are starting to sign up.

The sky is really the limit with this program especially if you apply what is taught inside the course and then also spend time marketing it as an affiliate.

Now that you know more get started today by clicking here and getting signed up!  I look forward to working with you and helping you create an online business, have a great day!


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