DS Domination Comp Plan – Is it worth it?

DS Domination Comp Plan Full Explanation

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Hopefully that helped explain the DS Domination Comp Plan a little bit better.

If you are wondering what affiliate marketing is this article will break it down more.

DS Domination Comp Plan Model PresentorAt DS Domination they offer a pretty lucrative comp plan, not the typical 25-35% that most companies pay.  Instead they offer 50% for all people that you directly refer in to the system, in addition they pay you on multiple levels meaning if someone you refer refers someone else you will get a commission on them too.  It’s a bit less, 10%, but it is essentially free money.  This continues on for up to 10 levels!  The percentage goes down on each level until you reach level 6-10 then it stays at 1%

Clearly the comp plan is great, however that doesn’t matter on a crappy product.  DS Domination does not fall in to that category, the product originally was a stand alone product that sold for over $1,000.  People snatched it up like crazy.

Since then the product has been repackaged and they offer a few lower cost options.  Their are a number of people that strictly buy the product for the training contained within, they aren’t even interested in participating in the comp plan!  That is so different from many other products out there.

Now that you know more it’s time to get started!  Click this link and get signed up today so you can start earning commissions!


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