DS Domination a Scam? – Facts vs the Myths

Is DS Domination a Scam? Read this and decide for yourself!

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If you are reading this you are probably wondering if DS Domination is a scam and it is understandable that you might be curious because of some of the claims that are available online.  I wanted to create this article to dispel a few myths that people are saying about the program and give you a few points to think about so you can decide for yourself.

First I wanted to start off by saying this is not a pyramid scheme as some may claim.  If you head over to Wikipedia you will see they define a pyramid scheme as something in which people are promised to earn money but there is no real product or service.  The truth is that DS Domination has a product that has a large number of customers that have no interest in participating with the compensation plan.

Let’s take a step back, the creator of the program actually created a similar program a few years ago.  As a seven figure a year eBay Power Seller, Roger had learned a lot of strategies to make a ton of money using eBay.  He put together a course that sold for between $1,000 and $2,000.  This course was a stand alone product that was not tied to a compensation plan the way it is now.

eBay is DS Domination a ScamThere were a lot of people that bought and used what they learned to go and make money on eBay.

Recently the course was re-created and separated in to different products.  It is my belief that Roger wanted to create a lower entry cost so people on a small budget were able to get started and work their way up.

Some will say the product was only created so affiliates could re-sell it but based on the results I’ve seen people getting and the above statement that appears to no be true, however it is pretty obvious that it does not fall in to the pyramid scheme territory.  To see the details of what you get with DS Domination click here.

DS Domination is a Scam because affiliates are just buying it to resell

As I stated a little bit earlier I have found numerous cases where people are not even signing up for the affiliate program, they are just buying for the training.  From what I’ve seen a lot of these people are new to the ‘make money online’ world and just want something that is simple to use so they can create a side business, they have no interest in learning about html, SEO, PPC or any of the other acronyms.  They simply saw the value in the course and wanted to make a profit on eBay.

With that being said any company that has an affiliate program out there will have people that just want to make a commission selling a product, from internet marketing courses to network marketing companies to even Amazon where people promote products they don’t own.  DS Domination has a requirement that you must own a product in order to resell it, however there is no way for a company to stop affiliate from promoting the course without actually using the product.  So are there some people out there that are just buying to resell, of course however I believe that is not most peoples intention.

DS Domination is a Scam because I didn’t make any money

This is something that you may hear and you will hear this across nearly any company that has a compensation plan attached to it.  From internet marketing courses to social media training to network marketing companies (from the largest to the smallest).  In my experience typically these people will fall into one of two categories.

man-darnCategory one: They have actually never bought the product, they don’t know what is in it but they have found that by calling it a scam they can get website visitors, build trust with them by calling the program a scam and then sell some other course of company.  Just type the word ‘scam’ in to Google and you will find millions of these.  It is a bit of a dishonest business practice because they don’t know what they are talking about, so they are lying to convince you to buy something else.  However, this practice works and that is why people continue to do it.

Category two: These are the non-action takers, they buy a course and either they never go through the training or they watch the videos and never implement what they have learned.  I have been guilty of doing this however I know that the blame is on me for not having success not the product creator.  99 times out of 100 this is why people don’t have success with a program and this goes again across internet marketing and network marketing.  Unfortunately these people go around screaming ‘DS Domination Scam‘ because they feel better about themselves by shifting the blame.

If you have ever been in a network marketing company before you have probably heard that you should make a list of everyone you know and call them to get them in.  Almost no one does this, most will call 2-3 people who say no and then they give up.  I can’t blame them I hat calling friends and family but that is not the network marketing companies fault because you didn’t do what you were told, right?

Bottom Line

I hope this article gave you some insight as to why some may call it a scam, ultimately it is your decision to make if it is your cup of tea or not.  As with any business you will have to put in time and effort to learn what is being taught and then to apply what you have learned.  Many people have created success and sold their first product within a few days but of course not everyone does (see above about following directions).

This program provides what is promised in the sales video (I can’t comment on what others are saying about it because they are all different).  At $20 you’re not out your life savings, however if it works imagine what is possible.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, however if you are belligerent, rude or promoting something else just save yourself the time, this is a place for discussion not grade school name calling.

Just keep in mind when you see someone calling it a fraud or a scheme take a look at what they are selling you at the end of their post. In my opinion if you are just writing a post about some product or training you’ve never used just for the purposes of promoting another product you are the one scamming people. Just food for thought!

If you decided that you would like to get started with DS Domination or you want to learn more, click here to sign up.  If not, I sincerely hope you find a program that fits your needs there are a lot out there to choose from!

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  1. Ponipate Drodrolagi says:

    DS domination is the cheapest way to learn a lot of making money online. I made money from the first day.

  2. LaVerne says:

    How much does this program cost? Do I need to own a product? Are there multiple upgrades to be purchased?

    • Hi LaVern, the program costs $19.95/month for the basic level (Pro Membership), there also upgrades where you learn more advanced techniques they are worth the money but not necessary to get started. I applied what I learned in the Pro level and started making money with less than 10 hours of work. If you have any other questions let me know thanks!

      • Amy Lynn says:

        I was wondering…when you move things from amazon to eBay to sell…do you actually have to buy the item from amazon first? Guess what I’m asking is…do you pay the 19.95 but hen you have to pay each time to list something to make a profit off of it? That make sense?
        Thanks Amy

        • Hi Amy, thanks for your question. You do not have to purchase from Amazon first, you list the item and then once it sells you purchase it from Amazon. If you don’t have a seasoned account with eBay they may hold the money for a few weeks. To get around this I just ordered the item with a credit card then paid it off as soon as I received the money from eBay (if you use a card with points you make even more). The $19.95 is paid to DS Domination for the training. Hope that answers your question if not let me know, thanks!

          • Ebayseller says:

            They don’t hold your money for a few weeks. PayPal does for 21 days, 7 days or 3 days if you follow their instructions you will ahve it in a few days. One print label from ebay, ship quick and the ebay site will upload a tracking number, once the costumer receives item, you funds get released. And you need to order item with a credit card regardless because amazon does not accept paypal. If you really know what you doing DS Domination you should know this already. I’m having seconds thoughts about your knowledge of how this works.

          • I made this video when I first started so I did not know what I do now. On my brand new account eBay held my money for 3-5 days after the item was delivered (it was different item to item). I did not use the ebay label because the item was being shipped directly from Amazon, but as soon as I had a tracking number I added it to the order. And I know you need to use a credit card, what I was saying is to use a credit card that you get cash back or that has extra cash back from Amazon to increase your profits. When I signed up for DS Domination it was pretty new but they have added hours and hours of training since then that cover these details. This website was not designed to replace DS Domination just help people understand more about it, I am not an expert on eBay, which is why I signed up for DS Domination to LEARN about it.

      • Bree Evans says:

        I’m a single mother in need of more money I really need to know if this is a legit opportunity yo make some real money without wasting my time or money.

        • Hi Bree, thanks for the question. This is legit, I have joined many online (and offline) programs that say you can make money from home. A lot of them do work but they require you to recruit people and try to sell friends and family. This program does not. They offer an option to refer people if you want to, but the main reason people join is to learn how to make money as a drop shipper using eBay. The $19.95/month training covers everything you need to know to list items correctly so you can make money. It will require you to put in work, but the time will be spent finding items to list, listing them and then ordering them once the item sells. If you want to make the big money you will want to upgrade to the more advanced training but you can start small and work your way up that way you know if it is something you want to do for the long term. Hope that helps, have a great day!

  3. Michael says:

    I was told there was a software program that automates this process, is this true or BS..??

  4. gstep50 says:

    Ok what if i list an item from Amazon to sell on ebay but someone else buys the last item from amazon. Would that cause negative feedback? .

    • This issue is covered inside the training. It does depend on the buyer, I actually ran into this right before Christmas. I contacted the buyer immediately and followed what was taught, they did not leave any feedback but did not seem too upset. Just like when you go to major retailers sometimes these things happen, the key is to remove the auction as soon as you catch it. Thanks for the question!

  5. joey vibar says:

    is this program available outside of the US? Can a person living in the Phils register to your program?

    • Anyone can purchase the product as long as they have access to a credit card, I am not familiar with the laws in your country so I don’t know the rules around selling products on eBay. If you are interested in being an affiliate for DS Domination you can ask them at this link, and for eBay I would recommend contacting eBay’s customer support.

  6. joey vibar says:

    1.if i list a item/s in Amazon with a price of say $20 and paste it to ebay at $20 also, how can i get a profit on sale? and how much is the percentage deduction such as tax, service fees and other fees from ebay, amazon, ds domination and paypay?

    • You want to find items that are cheaper on Amazon otherwise you would not make a profit. Typically eBay takes 10% and Paypal takes 5%, and tax depends on where you are shipping the item. DS Domination does not take a cut, they do charge $19.95 a month which covers the training.

  7. Ebayseller says:

    I sell on Ebay already and the reason I never did this was because I was told that if the costumer receives the item they ordered from eBay in an amazon box they would give you bad feedback. Is this true or not? I have heard that amazon have cancelled subscriptions from people doing this kind of shipping. I would love more clarity on these questions and if is no problem I would join in a hear beat since I already sale on eBay for a few years making a few dollars here and there.

    • I thought the exact same thing, but I have never had anyone even comment. I made a point of saying that the item was being shipped from our warehouse but I don’t think they even noticed I said that. As far as your second question I have heard the same thing, in the course Roger recommends NOT using an Amazon prime account because drop shipping violates the Prime terms of service. I never tested this and just made sure to use an account that did not have Amazon Prime. If you have any other questions let me know and thanks for commenting!

  8. Jason says:

    If I am already fluent in the amazon to eBay drop shipping and have an established eBay and amazon account, is there any reason to do this ds domination? I suppose I could learn some title optimization, but I think I get the jist of it. They offered paying the initial 20 fee for me but if It does nothing for me it is probably a waste of time.

    • Hi Jason! This depends what ‘fluent’ means :-), I had a lot of experience with eBay prior to using DS Domination, but not much with drop shipping so I learned a lot. If you are very experienced with drop shipping you may already know everything the ‘Pro’ level covers. There are a few more expensive trainings that are offered that teach on some very advanced strategies, that might be more helpful if you are experienced. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Andreas says:

    Hi. Just learned about DS Domination today so still trying to understand some few basic things:
    – How covers the shipping costs and tax added to the product?
    – I assume that I have to check my ebay account several times per day, so when a buyer buys something on ebay, I buy it on amazon and have it sent to the buyer the same day, right? What if I am away one day and can’t check my emails then buyers will get impatient’ and leave bad reviews?
    – Just found a product on Ebay which was cheaper than on Amazon. Could that be an example of someone who has found cheaper drop shipping site than amazon and is selling it on ebay for a profit?


    • Hi Andreas, the shipping and tax are typically covered by you so you would need to make sure there is enough profit or choose items with free shipping. You will get an email whenever something sells so no need to constantly check. That is possible there are tons of other drop shipping companies out there and a number of them are covered in the higher end DS Domination trainings, the Pro level just keeps it simple so people can start making money quickly then upgrade once they’ve had some success. Have a great day!

  10. Maritsa Solis says:

    Hi. What if you’re new to the whole ebay and paypal, and you don’t have a credit card to start off!? How can you work around this?!

    • Hi Maritsa, you will need some sort of credit or debit card with a Visa/Mastercard logo both to sign up with DS Domination, you can setup a Paypal account with a checking account but it will take a while longer to get the account verified. Once you have the Paypal account you can use it to pay for items on Amazon and to pay eBay invoices. If you do have a brand new account Paypal will hold your money until the item is delivered so you would need to have extra money in your checking account to cover this. Thanks for the question!

  11. Pete says:

    Why would people buy from ebay if they can get it cheaper on amazon, do I get a discount from amazon?

    • Hi Pete, this was my initial thought when I started! However, I learned that sometimes people just prefer to shop one place over another for example some people will buy food at a gas station even though it’s way more expensive than a grocery store or they might buy a TV at one store without shopping all over to find the best deal. You do not get a discount from Amazon, but if you use their credit card you would get a 5% rebate so it’s sort of like a discount. Thanks for the question!

      • Pete says:

        Thanks for answering my question! What are those other packages valued at $397, $995and $499 are they what you get for the $19 per mo

        • The upgrades inside DS Domination are $99, $249 and $499 and the teach more advanced strategies. For the $19/mo you get the full training on how to find items on Amazon and list them on eBay so they sell.

  12. fifi says:

    I live in the uk, I assume this is still accessible?
    sorry to keep repeating this if someone else has already mentioned it. So to get the jist…I advertise an item on ebay which is more expensive than the one on amazon, The item on ebay gets sold, with that money I buy the one in Amazon and ship it to the buyer on ebay?? is this correct? What is the item on amazon doesn’t exist anymore? and what if there is a problem with shipping from amazon to the ebay buyer?
    Thanksin advance…

    • Hi Fifi, this does still work in the UK, there are specific trainings for people outside the US (3 of them I believe). Yes you are correct, if you do not have an established eBay account then Paypal will hold the money until the buyer receives the item, so I just ordered with a credit card and then paid it off once Paypal gave me the money. The other questions are covered inside the training and they offer a couple different options. Have a great day!

  13. don says:

    what if ebay has kicked me off?

    • Hi Don, you could try contacting eBay to see if they would reinstate your account. Depending how long it has been they might be willing to do that. I would recommend contacting eBay before signing up for DS Domination just in case they won’t.

  14. Eefy says:

    Just wondering why there is an ongoing fee for training? Why is it 20 dollars a month? Surely with the training you would be shown the most effective way of finding products,listing products and making money, so why the ongoing fee?

    • Hi Eefy, this is to cover the costs of maintaining the website and hosting for the video training and also because there are ongoing training webinars usually one per week. To be completely honest if you feel like you have learned all that you can after a month or two you can just cancel, however if you wanted to be an affiliate and sell DS Domination you would have to keep your membership.

      • Eefy says:

        Thanks, yours was the first site that I had commented on as I am only learning about this system. I’ve investigated a little more since then and I can see why people are thinking its a scam/pyramid scheme. That doesn’t mean that I think it is!! Those who do nothing with it, and leave the twenty dollars coming out of their account while moaning about not making money are the ones who are giving it a bad taste in some people mouths. Me? No, I Will be signing up next month. I understand selling means work. There is no such thing as free money but definitely ways to make money at home. This seems to be the most legit one I have come across. Won’t have any interest in becoming an affiliate to be honest. I’ll let you know when I’m buying a car from my profits. Thats my aim. Car and paying for university for my boy. This will help, Thanks

  15. Pat says:

    You stated that the taxes are covered by you. How do you remit the taxes? Do you have to send it to each state agency?

    • Hi Pat, much simpler than that, taxes are paid to Amazon when you order the item. Amazon will figure out if taxes are owed based on what state you are shipping to and then they handle all the details. You could collect tax from the buyer but then you would have to deal with each states tax agency which would be a huge hassle, that’s why they recommend just paying the tax yourself! Thanks for the comment!

  16. Pat says:

    How are returns handled?

  17. schmicka says:

    so this is legit?? Do we have to send the does ebay send the items to us and then we send to the buyer?

  18. Tina says:

    Hi! i’ve been wanting to join DS Domination.My question is, do i still need to pay the $20 monthly if i already got the $499 package?

    • If you want to access the ‘Pro’ training ($20/mo level) you would need to keep paying the $20/month but if you already bought the $499 package you should still be able to see that training. Thanks for the question!

  19. Ken says:

    so… the bottom line is that if you are wanting to make good money and list a ton of stuff you will be paying out of pocket up front for the stuff and wait like 14 days to get paid….

    • Hi Ken, if you do not have an established ebay account then yes you will have to wait for your money until the buyer receives the item, however once you have an established history they will remove the waiting period and you will get your money right away.

      • Khara says:

        just so you know Ken and I am not a part of DS just researching like you but that is the case whether you are apart of DS or not if you are new you will have to wait in the beginning…..they just started that a few years back

  20. Ruel Hernandez says:

    Do you need to have a website to join DS Domination?
    What do we mean when we say ebay account, is it an affiliate account
    or just a normal account. I’m sorry for my question, i’m still new on any
    online bussiness.

    • Hi Ruel, thanks for the questions! You do not need a website to join or use DS Domination. All you need is the regular ebay account, if you’ve ever bought or sold something on ebay you have the right kind of account 🙂 Have a great day!