Results Update – What is DS Domination

D$ Domination Update

Originally I had planned to share an update after a week but unfortunately I became very ill and was stuck in bed, then we had family in town for the holiday so this is a little delayed and because of the limited amount of time I had to work on this it’s a little late.

Results So Far

It’s been about two weeks since the first update, my plan was to list 5-10 new items per day but as you saw above life got in the way.  So just know if you put in more work and effort than I did you should be able to get better results!

So far two items have sold and been paid for, they are in the process of being shipped to the buyer as I write this.  The cool thing was that I was enjoying time with my family when these sales happened.  This is the reason I joined D$ Domination, so I could have more time to spend with those I care about and make money while I’m doing it!

Lessons Learned

As most people know text book knowledge can only go so far, the rest has to be learned by DOING.  There are a few lessons I wanted to share to help cut your learning curve down.  First, and this was partially covered in the course but with a new eBay account eBay will hold the funds for a little while to make sure you are shipping the item and that you are a legitimate seller.  So if you have a brand new account you will have to pay for the item before you have the money, the seller has already paid though so you won’t have to worry about not getting paid.

DS Domination Results Screenshot

Second thing I learned is to make sure to track what you have listed and prices both the cost of the item and the sales price.  One item that I had listed I actually put in the wrong price and would have lost money, gladly I caught this before it was too late (although it would have been less than $5 lost).  Third, it is important to watch the auction and competitors.  One of the items listed had other people undercutting the price, if I had noticed this sooner I could have lowered the price to be more competitive, it’s not necessary but $10 profit is better than $15 waiting for a buyer.

Read a few more DS Domination scam posts recently and had to laugh at what others were saying, even more so now because I have seen all of the training.  Although it brings up a good point that I mentioned earlier and that is that you need to set reasonable expectations.  No work = no profit, some work = some profit, and massive action = massive profits so make sure you have your head on straight and you’re not expecting something for nothing.  But if you are looking for a business that you can setup and receive money while you are spending time doing what you love you have found a home with D$ domination.

When you decide to join you can click here to get started.

Overall Results

Day 14
Unique Items Listed: 26
Total Items Sold: 3
Total Profit: $21